Migration of ARRO Website

Academic Records and Registration Office:  http://arr.ust.hk/

Starting from 15th August 2012, the website of Academic Records and Registration Office (ARRO) has been migrated to a new server with the web address of http://arr.ust.hk/.  Please go there by clicking the link above or by replacing the prefix of the web address in your hands (https://www.ab.ust.hk/arr/reg/) with http://arr.ust.hk/reg/ to locate the information you need.

Should you encounter any problem in this regard, please feel free to contact us by sending e-mails to sishelp@ust.hk.  You may also refer to our directory (http://arr.ust.hk/reg/of/of_direct/of_direct.html) and contact the respective teams in our office.


Web Master, Academic Records and Registration Office

  Last Update: 21st August 2012